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Coaster swap page

Last updated: April 15, 2007

This page contains a list of coasters I collected from Bars & Pubs.
All these items are for trade. I am interested in swapping them against used phonecards, coins or postally used stamps worldwide.
If you are interested in any of this coaster, please e-mail me; I am open to any offer.

Since I do not collect coasters, I do not know how to list them. I really hope my listing can help you understanding what I have to trade. Any feedback will be welcome.

Logo Description [background color] Shape Language Quantity
Adelscott Scotch whisky - eau pure and pure malt Square English 1
Bass Bass Ale on draught Oval English 1
Beck's Beck's - Imprted from Germany Square English 2
Bud King of beers [blue/red/white] Square English 2
Budweiser Bud…Budweis... Budweiser (old style madam painting) Square English 1
Bulldog Strong ale (dog) Oval English 1
Caffrey Thomas Caffrey's Irish Ale Oval English 1
Caffrey Thomas Caffrey's Stout Oval Italian 2
Carlsberg Part of a puzzle? Square English 1
Ceres Square English 2
Ceres Turn on the light - Ceres north light (lighthouse) Square Italian 1
Chimay Trappiste Square many 2
Devil's Kiss Strong ale Oval English 1
Erdinger Weissbrau Square German 1
Faxe Fax briggery premium Circle - 1
Fohrenburger Aus den Tiefen der Alpen Square German 2
Foster's Australia's famous bier [blue] Australian border English 1
Franziskaner Weissbier - Der bayerische Hochgenuss [white] Square German 2
Frastanzer Schluck fur Schluk ein Genuss! [yellow] Square German 2
Fürstenberg Das ist der Beweis (Skeleton) Square German 3
Fürstenberg Eins auf die Stimmung Square German 1
Gordon Finest Gold Blond Rectangle English 1
Gordon Gordon Five Square English 1
Grimbergen Eagle Semicircular Dutch (?) 2
Guinness Glass / How to spill [black] Square English 5
Guinness Glass / How to spill - Perfect Pint Square Italian 1
Guinness Glass / In 1759, Arthur Guinness … (history) [black] Square English 1
Guinness Label / How to spill [black] Square English 1
Guinness New Guinness extra cold (fan) [light blue] Square English 1
Hacker-Pschorr Himmel der Bayern Circle German 2
Haler Pvovarna pivnica Haler Hohnjec Square Slovenian 1
Harp Irish lager Square English 1
Harp Lager Square English 1
Jupiler Les hommes savent pourquoi [white] Circle French/German 1
Kaiser ORF Früh schoppen 1999 Square German 2
Karlovacko Karlovacko Pivo [yellow] Square Croatian 2
Kilkenny Kilkenny Irish Beer Square English 5
König-Pilsener Heute ein König Circle German 1
Labatt's Classic [golden] - English 1
Maes De smaak van een echte pint Rectangle Dutch (?) 1
Maisel's Weisse Das Bier auf seine schönste Weisse Square German 2
Morrells Oxford brewery (list of types un the back: College, Cricket, Must, Arsenal) Oval Italian 1
Morrells Oxford College Ale Oval English 1
Paulaner Monk's head Circle German 3
San Miguel Cerveza especial [orange] Square Spanish 1
Sixen Bräu Sixen Bräu seit 1545 [green/white] Square German 1
Tennent's Logo - The passion of Scotland (2 sides identical) Circle English 1
Tennent's Logo / short history in italian Circle Italian 2
Thurn und Taxis Thurn und Taxis Roggen Oval German 2
Triple Diamond Triple Diamond very strong ale / Long life Lager beer Oval English 1
Watneys Scotch Ale Square English 1
Weihenstephaner Logo / list of beers Square German 2
Whitbread Brewmaster (2 sides identical) Square English 1
XXXX Castelmaine Australian beer [red/yellow] Square English 4

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