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Italian remote memory cards swap page

Last updated: January 04, 2005

This page contains the lists of phonecards I have for trade.
I am interested in swapping them against circulated or circulating coins as well as other phonecards or postally used stamps.
If you are interested in any of these cards, please, e-mail me; I am open to any offer.

Logo Face Exp. Date Description Image
[???] 100 CIAO [blue]
[???] 100 Blue card extra [blue on white bkg]
[???] 20000 Blue card extra [blue on white bkg]
Alpha Prepaid 20000 2 Faces [blue]
Capital 20000 Capital Card (world map)
MCI Worldcomm. 385 Tiger head & flags
Telecom Centers 20000 25/12/00 Indian Temple (logo on the left)
Tele 2 10000 Happiness Phonecard
Leader 50 Child face & flags
Lion King 20000 Lion - medium
Attika Group 10000 30/06/2002 Galassya (child face)

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